Guide For First Time Visitors

What is the easiest way to get into an email game on this site?

​I don't have the space to keep a board up for four months.  Are there any computer aides?

How are dice rolled?

We use a nice internet facility for rolling dice -- typically using ACTS is prefered as it allows easy inclusion of text and keeps a historical record of all actions.
Send Jeff Lange (the GM) an email at [email protected] and ask to join the ladder you are interested in or multiple ones.  Be sure to include your name, email address, postal address, and phone number for AREA records. The ladder is in some cases the only place that has continuous PBEM games -- with more than 65 participants from 9 countries and 6 continents (from the far-east to Africa) across a host of games.
Yes.  The default for these tournaments is VASSAL, so I recommend using it first.  Players can agree to use any of other mediums of exchange that they wish; however, when players can't agree, then VASSAL is used.