GMT GAMES PBEM: Holland 44, Ukraine 44, Normandy 44, Caucaus 42-43, Ardennes 44
COMPASS GAMES PBEM: Bitter Woods, Saipan, Afrika Campaign, Red Star White Eagle
Avalon Hill GAMES/Victory Games PBEM: Afrika Korps, 5th Fleet,
Breakout Normandy

OVERVIEW - These events are conceived as an online PBEM ladder that will run continuously and pairings and results hosted online at All three games will feature the current living rules as supported at compass games and GMT. There is no required membership to participate in these ladders. Scenario information will be provided after sign up - but anticipate the shorter tournament like scenario for Holland 44, Saipan is S1 for the first round of the ladder. Round 2 will use S2. AC only has one scenario but with low counter density it should be able to be completed in 4 months

Jeff Lange is the ladder organizer for these events and any questions should be directed to him at [email protected] Assistant GMs will be designated before each round and will assist the GM on his request. These rulings will be final, there is no appeal to any other individual or outside body. It is not anticipated that there will be any issue with rule interpretation as both of these games have clearly written and understood rules and have had numerous clarifications in the small areas that are in question.

Players of all experience levels welcome! There is no cost to enter - BPA membership is NOT required to play in these ladders.
Start Dates and Format:

GMT Games including Caucaus Campaign 42-43 are just starting round 1 of its ladder this month (April 15); all the rest of the GMT games will be starting a new round soon. Anticipated May Ladder start will be BARBAROSA SERIES AGN .

COMPASS GAMES Bitter Woods round 1 wraps up Round 1 att he end of April. Saipan Round 1 is in progress until June.   Red Star White Eagle accepting sign ups are open now with a start date of 15 April.

AH Afrika Korps is in round 5 with a completion of 30 June.  VG 5th fleet that will be starting in April with a double blind PBEM Ladder on the 15th.

Breakout Normandy will be starting on April 15th for those that want to help prepare for the big WBC event this summer.
At the conclusion of the bracket ladder play, the winner in each bracket will advance up and the loser of each bracket will move down the ladder. Matches will be continuously conducted in “Ladder” format, whereby winners are matched against winners and losers are matched against losers. Upon the conclusion of each round, winners move halfway up the Ladder and losers move halfway down the Ladder. Players may drop out of the Ladder upon the conclusion of any round by notifying the GM.
Initial pairings will be determined by AREA rating where possible. New entrants after the first ladder round will start at the bottom of the ladder.

All games must be played using ACTS and Vassal or any mutually agreed upon method.

If the players cannot agree on the format to be used, ACTS is the default and must be used.
Any player demonstrating a lack of sportsmanship may be dropped from the ladder without warning at the sole  discretion of the GM.
Sides for each match will be determined by bidding VPs. Any two opponents may skip the bidding process if they agree to sides of mutual satisfaction.
The lower ranked player on the ladder has the first choice of side. If unable to agree - sides will be chosen by a random die roll.
Rule disputes:

Rules disputes will be arbitrated by the GM, or in the case of games involving the GM, by the assistant GM. All rule arbitration decisions of the GM will be final.
The GMs and Assistant GMs will be participating in this ladder.
E-mail questions to the GM or to the Assistant GM if the game involves the GM.
Definitive answers will only come from the GM  (or Assistant GM if the game involves the GM).
Questions posted on CSW will not be answered in a timely fashion.


The primary purpose of the ladder is to provide  competitive recreation.  Stated more explicitly, to have fun in a structured, competitive format. The maximum enjoyment can only be guaranteed when all players agree to exercise exemplary sportsmanship and to play with consideration for their fellow players’ time and interests.
The game master and his assistants are happy to provide support to the players whenever any question may arise during the course of play that might possibly lead to hard feelings.   The earlier we are involved, the easier it is to repair a deteriorating situation, correct misimpression's or repair mishandled moves and similar mistakes in play.  It is natural not to want to complain or be perceived as “tattling”, but we encourage players to put aside that reluctance and bring any issue to the game master as soon as it is clear that a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be immediately reached.  This is far more preferable to wasting time and possibly risking an existent or emerging friendship.
One element of sportsmanship is respect for the time of all players in the ladder, not just one’s immediate opponent.  The game master will adjudicate unfinished games on the basis of time spent making moves and patterns of time used as described later.  However, no one wants to win (nor lose) on the basis of adjudication, and certainly not on the basis of time vice the merits of the board position.  Therefore, we strongly encourage all players to commit to and maintain a steady pace of play. 
Bottom line:  The game master will adjudicate any unfinished games strictly on the basis of time used and patterns of time use; unannounced absences from play of more than 14 days are also grounds for immediate disqualification; no other factors will be considered.

Reporting Results:

The winning player reports the victory by posting an email to [email protected] the following. In  addition to reporting the fact of the victory, the following statistical  information is required. Please use the following format.
Game Name:
Player Name:
​Player Name:
Winning Player:
Turn Game Ended:
Game Winner and Method of Victory:
VP total